It’s A Mad, Mad World

“The opiate of the masses is not just religion, but the propaganda, misinformation, lies and technological distractions designed by the invisible government ruling class to provide the masses with pleasant illusions about their country, society, and material situation. If the masses were to wake up and realize they are being manipulated, oppressed, and corralled likeContinue Reading

Taking a Look Behind Warhol’s Shades

In 1965 Voice co-founder John Wilcock watched Andy Warhol watching by JOHN WILCOCK NOVEMBER 9, 2018 By the spring of 1965, when Voice co-founder John Wilcock tried to make sense of the underground pop culture phenomenon of Andy Warhol, the paper and the artist were intrinsically connected. From Warhol’s paintings to his films to the live eventsContinue Reading

The Political Rebellion Gathers Momentum

… beneath the superficial red-blue divide they are hawking, a broad-based political rebellion against the Oligarchy and their Ruling Class nomenklatura is gathering momentum. People left, right and center are awakening to two painfully obvious realities: 1. the political-social-economic system no longer works for the bottom 95% 2. the system is intrinsically unfair–rigged to benefit theContinue Reading