Facts About Democide 1. 49% of the democide deaths in Soviet Russia between 1917-1987 were caused due to the conditions of camps people were forced into. Just 5% of people were killed because of deportation. 2. Between 1900-1987, 46.6% of the deaths that have occurred in China can be attributed to democide. In comparison, 42.6%Continue Reading


PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S 4 YEARS OF ACCOMPLISHED FAILURES. By Howie Mandel Here’s a list: -Your minister of finance engaged in insider trading – should be a 10-year sentence. -You blew the Asia Pacific deal. -You blew the helicopter deal with the Philippines. -You blew the pipeline deal (he’s now trying to save himself from it).Continue Reading

Wireless -> Neural Network

We really need to protect our thoughts and our privacy. Your individuality and humanhood is at risk. The technocrats are in full force assaulting us and attempting to “manage” us as they see fit (to them we are farm animals). With the current pace that tech is rolling in (with the help of deranged billionaires),Continue Reading

How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion

  “Crowds and Power,” by Elias Canetti, is a classic work that explores in detail the draw of the crowd for human beings. With the continued chipping away of the organic family of mother-child-father, human relationships inevitably become diluted and more subservient to a mass state. This detachment cultivates human alienation, which draws more peopleContinue Reading