author unknown I admit to never putting together the connection of the typical image of ‘witch’, and the horrors women, wise, creative, midwives, healers, all good women, went through at the hands of fearful, tortuous men. May we continue to be haunted by the injustice and ignorance of their actions.  “Each year they parade herContinue Reading

RIP Entertainment Industry

author unknown I don’t know if the audience side really understands how dire the situation is for millions of hard-working professionals. Broadway is closed until 2021, 6 West End venues THINK they can open at the moment. Cirque du Soleil is filing for bankruptcy and cut 3500+ jobs. Feld Entertainment laid off 90% of itsContinue Reading

A History of Edinburgh

by Edinboruopug author unknown THE REAL KINGDOM AND LAND OF THE ANCIENT BIBLICAL KINGDOM OF ISRAEL / JACOB This Is The TRUE and REAL LAND FLOWING WITH MILK and HONEY and is The GREEN and FERTILE PROMISED LAND. Edinburgh Also Got Its Name From ”Kear Eden, Civitate Antiquissima” and That of Dynguayth ”Dun Gad”. TheContinue Reading