CV1984 Rant by RN #1a

author unknown RN

I know. I have heard it all- apparently, those of us who won’t just put our damn masks on would prefer if everyone’s grandmas just keeled over and died.
Do you really think you lived in a society full of selfish assholes who never gave a crap about their neighbors, and it just took a plandemic for us all to show our naked, mask-less faces? Have you taken a moment to think about what could be behind so many people refusing to just cover their face holes? It’s easy, you say. Well I don’t like it but I do it anyway. I can’t breathe but. For everyone else. It’s a sign of respect. It’s an act of kindness to suffocate myself. That’s what they tell me to think, so that’s where my thinking ends.
Well, I hate to tell you, but many of us have actually given it plenty more thought than that. And if no ones laid out the facts for you, I am happy to oblige. I haven’t worn a mask since early March, back when many of us still didn’t have enough facts to make an informed decision. Lots has changed since then, but many people continue to live exactly the same way that we did back then- as if plenty of research and data hasn’t been available. And as if it hasn’t been clear many times how hypocritical those running the show have been and how mind numbingly stupid the bottom feeding media has behaved.
Let me tell you a few things about health. As a registered nurse, I’ve learned a bit. I’ve learned a whole lot more though that they won’t tell you in nursing school, but some people like to ask me where’s your medical background dumbass so I’m just putting that out there to save some people the trouble.
Real health is not the absence of disease or germs. Real health isn’t about hand sanitizer or staying locked away in your home for months on end where the boogeyman can’t find you. Real health is an inside job- it comes from eating real food, not the processed crap your government who loves you and has your well being at heart approves to sit on grocery store shelves indefinitely. Real health comes from moving your body, staying hydrated, reducing stress, keeping your weight down, sleeping properly, avoiding toxins. No brainer right? We all know that. Well let me tell you we may know it but as Americans we aren’t exactly living it and as a nurse I can tell you most of America believes that taking a pill can make a disease go away or injecting yourself with chemicals can eradicate a virus.
So all that being said. It is not my responsibility to protect the entire universe. It IS my responsibility to take care of my own body, because the actual defense against a virus is to keep yourself in the best shape possible and then not to hide from germs but to face them. If you’ve taken care of yourself, you’re young and healthy, facing the virus isn’t a danger- in fact it’s necessary that some of us take the hit to build up real herd immunity, not the fake bullshit herd immunity. But if you’ve never once cared about your health before- I’m sorry to sound rude but facts don’t care about feelings and it’s not my job to suffocate all day so that you can maintain your delusion that a piece of fabric will keep you safe from a virus when you never really cared about your “health” until they told you to. Personal accountability in this case, could literally make the difference, but in this country we seem to have no concept of that notion.
So do I not wear a mask because Americans eat too much McDonalds? Well no. I’m just getting started. There hasn’t been a single evidence based study to date that proves that wearing a mask will prevent transmission. You’re all walking around with these filthy masks on your faces, when your immune system needs fresh air. Every cell in your body requires oxygen. And waste elimination. It’s basic. Air exchange. You aren’t blocking a virus but you sure are preventing real respiratory exchange which again, as a nurse, I can tell you will have some damaging effects over time.
But what about surgeons, you say? Surgeons wear masks for hours and they’re doing complicated procedures and they don’t pass out!
Well now ask yourself. Are you a fucking surgeon? Maybe you are. Do you have your arms elbow deep in human organs while you’re at Wal Mart touching all the things? I mean. You’re literally touching ALL THE THINGS. And then worrying about someone six feet away sneezing an asymptomatic disease on you. Then touching all the things again.
But even if it could only help a little- isn’t it worth it? I could be saving humanity and all it takes is a little oxygen deprivation!
Well. If you’re still reading, I say, try again. Anytime they tell you to put your own needs aside for the sake of everyone else, you better stop right there and think (I know it’s hard sometimes but you can do it!!). Where have we heard that greater good argument before? Maybe injecting yourself with a warp speed cocktail that bypassed lots of clinical safety tests (which were already a joke in the first place but I digress.) Maybe you’re having second thoughts about that. But it’s for the “greater good” right? So just do it and stop complaining already. Jeez. What’s wrong with these people anyway.
There is so much more I could say. About how this virus has been a scam from the start (yes I know people are sick and people have died but it’s also a shame how this virus has been exploited to the point that I don’t believe a word of anything I read or hear anymore). But I’ll just say that dirty piece of cloth you think your life depends on is pretty worthless. If they even said everyone has to wear a N95 I would say well that’s unnecessary but at least it’s scientific. But the CDC lost me the minute I saw them demonstrate on their website how you could Pinterest your own mask. Supposedly this virus is so lethal that your groceries might kill you. But it’s not strong enough to face that terrifying porous floral headband that’s over your face holes.
Lastly? Cause I’m pretty sure no one is reading anymore. It’s not a law. It never was. And it is my RIGHT as an American to say no (remember those little things? Rights?)
No I won’t participate in this giant social experiment. No I won’t lend these dumb fucking masks any credibility by suffocating myself all day. No I won’t wear one in front of my children whose brains are still learning language development and how to read facial expressions. No I won’t wear one in an empty store. Or in a full one. Life is full of risks. And it is up to you, a THINKING human being, to weigh the risks of your actions the moment your feet touch the floor every morning and to accept the consequences of whatever risk you decide to take. And not wearing a mask is NOT A RISK. Not to me and not to anyone else. Repeat after me- asymptomatic transmission is not a thing. The science has shown that. But y’all only pay attention to the science when it says what you want. We’re not all walking around like ticking time bombs about to kill anyone we breathe on. But that’s what they’ve told you because how they’re keeping everyone compliant.
Please sit down and think about this. Take the mask off while you do. Y’all look like a bunch of mindless zombies, and you’re acting like it also. And please don’t spam me with ridiculous memes about peeing your pants FFS or sunscreen or seatbelts or how your face diaper is an act of love because I will come through my phone and shake you until common sense kicks in. Thanks so much. End rant.

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