Informative CV1984 Rant #2

author unknown

I do not consent to wearing a mask or to a tyrannical government.
I recently flew Lufthansa within Europe, and then Air Canada to Montreal. Lufthansa ‘suggested’ wearing masks, but did not actively enfiorce it. Air Canada demanded masks be on all the time.
Strangely however, AC served food and drinks twice…allowing people to remove masks… despite this virus being ‘dangerous’. In a closed-air system – assuming the virus is REALLY dangerous …why serve food/drinks IF they are going to enforce masks? Once an allegedly ‘infected’ person removes a mask to eat, the supposed virus will be in the closed air system. Once an uninfected person takes the mask off, he/she will be breathing the same air.
As well, masks cut off oxygen to the body and people are re-breathing CO2, which can lead to weakness/collapse. Forcing flight attendants to wear masks is dangerous. IF there is an emergency, and in a stress-filled situation, they will be breathing heavily, inhaling more CO2 than oxygen…meaning they MAY not be able to properly ensure safety of the passengers.
I arrived in Montreal, and was told I had to do my 14 day quarantine. While doing this forced quarantine, the Quebec govt announced that this virus is ‘SO dangerous’ that they would begin enforcing masks on July 18. IF this virus is allegedly SO dangerous, WHY announce a restriction ahead of time???
I finished my quarantine yesterday, the 21st. Today, I am sitting on a VIA Rail train from Montreal to Oshawa. The staff are enforcing masks – but AGAIN they GAVE us a free meal/drink – meaning we must take the masks off to eat. So why bother serving food drinks for a four hour trip IF this ‘virus’ is so dangerous!??
This virus is a HOAX! It is manipulated social-conditioning to see how submissive the population will be, and to see how willilng people will be to surrender their rights/freedoms. The media is complicit in this crime against humanity and those who silently and willingly play along are surrendering to the belief that they will now spend the rest of their lives wearing a @##$$%#@ mask for one reason or another !
Now, HERE IS THE GOOD news. Just watch… by November at the latest…this virus will suddenly ‘disappear’!
Why? This global virus event was REALLY only about two things:
1. To keep the economy down, so that Trump will not get elected in November. Why? He and those behind him are exposing the satanic pedophiles that are raping/killing children worldwide among political elites, religions, business, entertainment, sports, media, law enforcement and more. All the people involved in these activities are SCARED because someone is now exposing them and their crimes. They are desperately trying to stop him, while ALSO attempting to use the media to manipulate fear and ‘normalize’ pedophilia.
2. China – Since the 1400’s, there have been about six global reserve currencies: Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, France, UK and then the USD. The lifespan for each is about 80-100 years. The USD is at the end of its lifecycle. This is why manufacturing was being moved from the US to China. China was supposed to be the next economic power, with the Yuan being the next global reserve currency.
This however is being exposed and stopped also. Fiat currencies are a worthless system of money, created by the global cabal to keep people enslaved to debt. President Trump and those working with him are ending the criminal global trading agreements that favoured a criminal system of debt-based banking, protected by an equally criminal system of commercial rules that we know of as ‘law’. Our legal system is admiralty law – a system or commercial rules given the force of law, without the informed, democratic consent of the people.
YOU are being manipulated into silence/submission! By wearing your mask, you are saying that you are silent and submissive. Masks/testing WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. Scientists working with viruses in labs wear full-body protection and must scrub down. Doctors must fully scrub down befoer operations, and if they do anything potentially harmful, they must leave and change their masks and cleanse again. Do you REALLY believe these non-medical masks will protect you!!? If so, you are deluding yourselves!
The masks are NOT about a ‘virus’ or your health. It is about your submission and about stopping anyone…but especially Trump…from exposing all the criminality that has enslaved humanity and destroyed our planet for profit, power and control.
If you submissively wear a mask, you are suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. You are protecting/defending those who are enslaving and controlling you!
It is about an election and about trying to keep criminal systems of banking and law in place.
“To Whom It May Concern:
For HEALTH and for SPIRITUAL reasons AND
Under 2(a)(b)(c), 7, 8, 9, 12 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Under 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13(1), 18, 20(2), 25 of the U.N Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
I am exempt from wearing a mask. I am under NO obligation to explain my health or spiritual beliefs to any person, entity or authority.”
I may still have to wear a mask, but I am informing people that I will not sit silently by while our freedoms and rights are stripped away from us!
IF we do not stand up for ourselves, this sends the message that we accept what they are doing. Is this REALLY how you want to spend the rest of your lives!?

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