Informative CV1984 Rant #2

author unknown I do not consent to wearing a mask or to a tyrannical government. I recently flew Lufthansa within Europe, and then Air Canada to Montreal. Lufthansa ‘suggested’ wearing masks, but did not actively enfiorce it. Air Canada demanded masks be on all the time. Strangely however, AC served food and drinks twice…allowing peopleContinue Reading

Fauci Bad

author unknown Fauci might or might not have any dangerous virus – but he certainly is full of shit which can be seen by everybody that watches this. As many of you heard Moderna is in stage 3 of their vaccine testing… Here’s something many of you don’t know, guess who the first CEO ofContinue Reading

A Conversation of Posts

multiple authors unknown (content sic) I was just trying to go to the store apparently these guys had a huge rally at Dundas Square then proceeded their way up young street with huge speakers signs the whole thing well the whole thing except masks… maybe 2000 people…. sounds like they are coming back this wayContinue Reading

A Handy List of Evidence

by ed. “Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg Montreal Medical Officer ~ “Covid virus is much like the seasonal flu.” – Ontario Deputy Chief Medical Officer “Our testing results are over 50% false positives yet we keep testing knowing full well the results are meaningless.” – 18 Canadian Doctors “Your policies risk significantly harming our children with lifeContinue Reading

CV1984 Rant #1

author unknown HOW DARE YOU say: that COVID-19 is “JUST A VIRUS” and we’ll all get it eventually. What a CARELESS, LAZY, HEARTLESS stance. Chickenpox – just a virus – lives in your body – shingles later. Herpes – just a virus – lives in your body – cold sores later HIV – just aContinue Reading


This is what happened when I got home tonight. I cried. I cried at work yesterday. I also cried 3 different times last night after getting home from work. I am an Office Administrator at an elementary school and this is how my day has gone. I’m crying because the work and expectations that haveContinue Reading

Have the Guts

author unknown I don’t give a Rats ass who this offends, but I stand by it. War is coming, sooner or later! You the Government!! You are all a bunch of cowards! You raised the cost of living so high that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children (singleContinue Reading