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Clarity on Q

Clarity on Q  Q is a counter-PsyOp strategy that’s working against threats to National Security.   Study PsyOps and evaluate Q tenets. Q is not meant to influence any particular narrative, it is meant to psychologically counter narrative influence, cognitively trigger agility, and leverage a psychological posture. The result: QUESTIONS: motivation for detailed research, orContinue Reading


PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S 4 YEARS OF ACCOMPLISHED FAILURES. By Howie Mandel Here’s a list: -Your minister of finance engaged in insider trading – should be a 10-year sentence. -You blew the Asia Pacific deal. -You blew the helicopter deal with the Philippines. -You blew the pipeline deal (he’s now trying to save himself from it).Continue Reading

A story about Franz Kafka

Kim Turner February 4 at 10:02 PM  ·  At 40, Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who never married and had no children, walked through the park in Berlin when he met a girl who was crying because she had lost her favourite doll. She and Kafka searched for the doll unsuccessfully. Kafka told her to meet himContinue Reading


by Tariq EQ Amawi Them: You won’t be able to attend a concert or football games Me: I don’t mind Them: You can’t go to a large shopping mall Me: I’ll survive Them: You can’t drink at the pub Me: I no longer drink Them: You can’t enter night clubs Me: I don’t go outContinue Reading

Wireless -> Neural Network

We really need to protect our thoughts and our privacy. Your individuality and humanhood is at risk. The technocrats are in full force assaulting us and attempting to “manage” us as they see fit (to them we are farm animals). With the current pace that tech is rolling in (with the help of deranged billionaires),Continue Reading

Japanese Ancient Forestry Technique Produces High-Grade Lumber

ANCIENT HISTORY Japan’s Ancient Forestry Technique Produces High-Grade Lumber With No Need to Chop Down Trees The daisugi technique, like bonsai, is a forestry technique that involves heavily pruning the mother tree which allows narrow saplings to shoot upwards. (TMU) – For people who reside in the West, few countries are as fascinating as Japan.Continue Reading

How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion

  “Crowds and Power,” by Elias Canetti, is a classic work that explores in detail the draw of the crowd for human beings. With the continued chipping away of the organic family of mother-child-father, human relationships inevitably become diluted and more subservient to a mass state. This detachment cultivates human alienation, which draws more peopleContinue Reading

Musician Tips



Author unknown Shower. Not a bath, a shower. Use water as hot or cold as you like. You don’t even need to wash. Just get in under the water and let it run over you for a while. Sit on the floor if you gotta. Moisturize everything. Use whatever lotion you like. Unscented? Dollar storeContinue Reading

Max Born knew then what we are learning now.

by: Max Born December 29 at 3:26 PM · Probably many of you know that my grandfather, of the same name, was a very famous man who practically invented Quantum Physics, in all its strangeness. And as a good friend of Einstein he argued with him over the new ideas that stated that “reality” couldContinue Reading

Does It Make Sense Now

by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. “A New York Times reporter asked me yesterday about the “conspiracy theory” that Bill Gates is developing injectable chip to store vaccine records. “Here are the facts: “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invested over $21 million to perfect a “microneedle technology” that embeds, under the skin, a vaccination recordContinue Reading

Vaccine Side Effects

author unknown IMPORTANT CONFIRMATION OF THE  WORST The shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains experimental nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines before You’re seeing the reports all over the news: Pfizer’s new coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C (-94F), which is much colder thanContinue Reading

Five Key Events

by John Rappaport This article is a summary. I’ve written extensively on each of the five key events. ONE: The false claim that a new virus was discovered and isolated. No true isolation has been performed. The so-called genetic sequencing of the virus was actually a concoction, a cobbling together of pieces of data referencingContinue Reading

Smoke Blessing

author unknown A Native American Smoke Blessing Oh Great Spirit, I raise smoke to the four sacred winds and the four corners,  so that the blessings can reach my brothers and sisters in every corner  of Great Mother Earth, while the smoke disperses all over Father Sky, lit by Mother Moon. Let the smoke passContinue Reading

Are lockdowns unconstitutional?

author unknown Ontario constitutional lawyer answers your lockdown questions The Post Millennial reached out to Lisa Bildy, a lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom who plans to challenge the new lockdowns imposed by the Ontario government in court. As the big tech tyrants tighten their grip, join us for more free speech atContinue Reading

False Arrest: It happened to me.

by DGR 20181207 Call to U-Haul – Ashley in NC, USA provided the following info today – status: currently unresolved – assigned to marketing company president today, John Fisher – 800-263-4809, 905-578-9119 – 1-800-468-4285, General Number 905-730-8796, Lucy, U-Haul, or 905-573-6006, office U-haul_arrest_incident At approximately 10:30am Wednesday January 2, 2018 – driving U-Haul 10ft truckContinue Reading

Scientific Fraud and Conflict Of Interest In Vaccine Research

by Michael Belkin Shoot First and Ask Questions Later Presented at The 2nd International Public Conference on Vaccination 2000, Arlington Virginia (10-15-2000)        In Business School, (Organizational Behavior) we studied what can happen to organizations that suffer ethical management breakdowns (such as Johns Manville with asbestos, Owens Corning breast implants, etc.). Nothing illustratesContinue Reading

Awake in Fraudland

author unknown When & how i woke up to the following constructive frauds…  tell me your story below… I woke up to the fraud of: 1. ‘govt’ when i found out they are all UCC corporations, like Burger King  2. ‘municipal govt’ when i read the UN Municipal Primer, implementing Agenda 21 locally & whenContinue Reading

Personal History of Aprons

author unknown I don’t think our kids know what an apron is. The principle use of Grandma’s apron was to protect the dress underneath because she only had a few. It was also because it was easier to wash aprons than dresses and aprons used less material. But along with that, it served as aContinue Reading

Stages of Deprogramming.

by Tracy Bennett All survivors go through these stages, just some more faster than others. Consider we are all survivors of the elite, Matrix, Deep State, Caba’al System with all its corruption, deceit, manipulation, debt, indoctrination, crimes, wars, violence, inflation, poverty, separation, identity divisions, sexualization and so on. We have been victims of the divideContinue Reading

Lou Reed: A true story #1

author unknown At one of our first rehearsals, Lou said to me “If you don’t start standing up straight, I’m going to make you where a muscle shirt when we play. Hold your head high and stand proud on stage.” It was hilarious, but he also meant it. Being a 100% responsible person like IContinue Reading

Wear a Damn Mask: reprise

author unknown Random person: “Wear your damn mask” Me: The viral particles are much smaller than the pores of the mask, so the mask is ineffective at filtering them. Right? R: No, they travel on droplets and the masks keep the droplets out. Or they keep them in if you’re sick. M: So wait, howContinue Reading


author unknown I admit to never putting together the connection of the typical image of ‘witch’, and the horrors women, wise, creative, midwives, healers, all good women, went through at the hands of fearful, tortuous men. May we continue to be haunted by the injustice and ignorance of their actions.  “Each year they parade herContinue Reading

The Solution Has Always Been YOU

author unknown May 18, 2020 The solution, the angle, the edge that everyone’s looking for to beat this tyranny has been here all along. People are always seeking answers, solutions, laws, or someone to lead the way, when the reality is, the solution has always been simple. It doesn’t even require critical thinking, analysis, orContinue Reading

A Woman’s Soul

author unknown She looked in the mirror, then she looked at him, he was sitting in bed, she asked him, do you still love me? He answered, like on the first day. Did you notice that my body is no longer the same as when we met? He answered. No, not at all. She putContinue Reading

Spells of the Old – Spell Fear

by BaShemYashua Spells of the old are real – and they’re here today. A mask was never about your safety, it was about your conformity and your compliance. It was designed to celebrate fear, put you under muzzle, and groom you for mandatory vaccines, contact tracing, and microchipping. No science anywhere supports the general populationContinue Reading

RIP Entertainment Industry

author unknown I don’t know if the audience side really understands how dire the situation is for millions of hard-working professionals. Broadway is closed until 2021, 6 West End venues THINK they can open at the moment. Cirque du Soleil is filing for bankruptcy and cut 3500+ jobs. Feld Entertainment laid off 90% of itsContinue Reading

A History of Edinburgh

by Edinboruopug author unknown THE REAL KINGDOM AND LAND OF THE ANCIENT BIBLICAL KINGDOM OF ISRAEL / JACOB This Is The TRUE and REAL LAND FLOWING WITH MILK and HONEY and is The GREEN and FERTILE PROMISED LAND. Edinburgh Also Got Its Name From ”Kear Eden, Civitate Antiquissima” and That of Dynguayth ”Dun Gad”. TheContinue Reading

Safe Phoning: A Guide to Starting a New Phone Account

author unknown SAFE PHONING: A concise guide. 052020 DO (with each new phone) 1. Switch to an analog connection. 2. Factory reset all data and settings, then toggle all your secure settings while in safe-mode & airplane-mode… before ever logging in. 3. Put a piece of tape over the cameras. 4. Disable background data &Continue Reading

Flex Your Rights

author unkown Here are five tips to keep cops from breaking into the “window to your soul.” 1) Never consent to a search. Cops don’t need a warrant or fancy technology to crack your phone if you hand it over at their request. So don’t let them trick or threaten you into giving verbal orContinue Reading