This hooky, indie, guitar music is seeded in the creatively structured 4/4 song styles of the British Rock and R&B invasions.

These tunes about traveling, justice and ineffable love on a planetary scale weave flashbacks, lyrical déja-vu and blank reality into waves of wall-battering chord patterns, leads and harmonies. This refreshingly original work has a niche in the mountain-side of songwriting giants like Iggy, Dylan, the Velvets and the Kinks. Unique performance versions of the gems from their back catalogues keep the live sound fresh, interesting and recognizable.

Grundy grinds freshly harvested guitar songs out of technology-bent and emotionally-fuelled musical expressions. The first track on Tiles From the Amber Room, 'Something Good Comes Along', is one of the Top Ten Songs at indierockcafe.com. 'Not Me, New York Times,' from Oddly Enough, won an honourable mention in the American Songwriting Contest. With publishing opportunities in the US, Canada and Europe (SOCAN), Desmond Grundy is preparing shows for next year to promote a new record.

Lead singer and songwriter, Desmond Grundy, has an accessible creative signature without the usual boilerplate. His studied musical influences end where his full-blown stab at artistic genius begins—somewhere between 1977 and this moment of now.

UP Influenced, Inspired, Recorded, Recognized, Reviewed
  • "You have a great aesthetic about your music."
  • "...a collage of edgy rock with a swagger and mojo not found since early J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) or the times of Kurt Cobain. Whiskey driven vocal grittiness, obscured with clarity, Grundy pushes the envelope of cool to the next level."
  • "Your music has a cool gritty vibe that works well with the lyrics that you write."
  • "Your vocal delivery is original ...has a real raw kind of feel that fits your songs well..."
  • "Unique verse lyrics... I can hear the Kinks influence in your verse melody! This has a great, convincing retro sound...
  • "SIZZLING ROCK PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Desmond Grundy – Tiles From The Amber Room (Mouthful Of Records)"
  • "You've got a gift for writing very poetic, associative lyrics..."
  • "Desmond Grundy – Oddly Enough (self released) :: So I’m spinnin’ the first song and suddenly thinking that, no, the absolute last thing I wanna do is say that Desmond is the new Lou Reed ’cause he seems to be way too normal to be saddled with that kind of calamitous tag. But every time I hear the gnarly destorto guitar grinding up behind him, I get flummoxed into thinking that I’m listening to some kinda vintage Velvet Underground gradation. And suddenly I’m thinking, yes, that’s cool because nobody sounds like Unca Lou anymore—not even the old reprobate himself ’cause he’s way too normal these days to be saddled with that kind of calamitous tag."
  • "You have a punkish/60s/psychedelic edge to your sound…."
Lyric Victory HUDSON VALLEY, New York - PARTY 394
Novus Ordo PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania - Radio Crystal Blue.
Soundcloud A mix of original songs and radio shows.
Took A Bus EP Listen to the first EP: Something Good Comes Along, Godot, Straw into Gold, 9:00.
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